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Avail of cloud-based Web EDI service provider and automate document exchange without investing in any other EDI software or hardware. Web EDI is a simple and affordable method of EDI through an internet browser. It streamlines the procurement and data interchange process by managing transactions, orders, processing, and fulfilling shipment requirements efficiently. Web EDI software makes a replica of paper-based documents in a web form consisting of fields for users to enter significant information. Once the fields are filled, the form is automatically converted into an EDI message and shared through secure internet protocols which include File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS), HyperText Transport Protocol Secure (HTTPS), etc.

If you want to incorporate this flexible and convenient EDI solution into your existing system to meet the company’s needs and objectives, then connect with the team of A3logics now. With our reliable and low-cost Web EDI, you can ensure equal participation of your business or trading partners, especially the ones in other countries with limited IT and EDI technology or skills. No matter if you want a simple and hassle-free EDI system to share orders or invoices or looking for a fully-featured advanced system that can serve your complicated demands, our one-stop Web EDI service will take care of it all. A3logics flexible EDI infrastructure offers maximum up-time, hence making it accessible all the time. Moreover, you won’t need any specific knowledge or skill to work with the web EDI service provider, just easy access to the internet and you can get your work done effortlessly. Our Web EDI services offer several other exclusive features:

Automotive Industry
  • Transact with multiple trading partners via one interface
  • Smart filters to organize documents according to criteria set by users
  • No need to backup data or install new software
  • Allows secure and configurable web access to suppliers
  • In-built reporting real-time data analytics
  • Enables submission of electronic invoices via the portal
  • Built-in error checking provides alerts when specific trading partner data is required
  • Acquire orders can be quickly turned into invoices and ship notices
  • With multiple validation levels, the accuracy of EDI messages is assured
  • Download order data for importing into any app and export invoice data to WebEDI

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