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EDI integration For Automated Business Processes

Reduce Manual Data entries and Increase Business Efficiency with EDI Integration

Businesses invest most of their time in claiming files, verifications, account receivables, and many other documents exchanges tasks. Many of the organizations still lack an automated processing system that can take care of their business documents. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a perfect solution for the companies involved in regular exchanges and communications with trading partners. It integrates with the accounting system and handles suppliers, business partners, vendors, and clients.

A3logics offers an EDI integration service to ensure a seamless and smooth flow of data between trading partners. Using the advanced integration tools, we translate the data and help you connect with your partners for hassle-free communication while uploading data on the cloud or in-house system. Our skilled EDI professionals monitor the interchange round the clock to ensure that the data processing is successful. Connect with us now and eliminate manual data entry, ensure accuracy, and streamline transactions.


EDI Integration Services

A3logics offers a wide spectrum of EDI integration solutions to meet your unique business requirements.

EDI and B2B Integration

Business to Business integration can be time-consuming and complicated. Hence, let our developers take care of all the technical factors with EDI and API integration while you focus on other core aspects of your business and operations.


Are you not sure how to implement EDI in your business or which part will suit your business? Then connect with our EDI service providers who will analyze your business and guide you to determine the best solutions that meet your future objectives.

Partner Integration

Stay connected with your trading partners and ensure smooth communication flow with our authentic and efficient EDI integration solutions. Rest assured that there will be no obstacles or disruptions with our reliable service.


While offering EDI implementation and integration services, our professional team also looks after compliance with your trading partner. From testing to certification requirements, we have got your back at every step of the integration process.


If you come across any glitch or issue, then feel free to connect with our support team anytime. Our experts will be happy to help you with any technical help and make sure that they provide you with the appropriate solution within no time.

Types of EDI Integration solutions

Our EDI integration solutions are flexible to match with different scenarios and ways

Mobile EDI Integration

Although mobile EDI has limited adoption due to security concerns, you can soon expect companies to use EDI and supply chain-related apps to add value to their businesses. There is a constant growth in the industry using and downloading EDI applications.

Direct EDI Integration

Also known as point-to-point EDI, it establishes a single direct connection between your ERP and business partners via a specific protocol. So, you can connect with your suppliers, customers, and service providers individually without any disruption.

Indirect EDI Integration

The exchange via VAN (Value Added Network) or broker between you and your partners is called indirect EDI. The message goes through VAN, splits further in different formats according to their preferences, and then it is sent to them.

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