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Gateway EDI

A meticulously designed EDI gateways to meet your specific
business requirements and enable smooth electronic transactions.

Efficient EDI Gateways for Business Efficiency

Get easy access to advanced and powerful EDI tools and enhance the efficiency of your business with a claim gateway.

If you are looking for a reliable and faster way to connect with your trading partners and share instant EDI messages, then A3logics is here to help you. We offer exclusive and specially designed services for EDI gateway to take your business to the next level of success and growth. Our gateway EDI claims are the best online solution to optimize the electronic bill claim process and streamline electronic transactions. The team of EDI experts provides a cloud EDI environment to our clients, making your business and transactions digitally accessible for all partners and customers.

We will connect and integrate your existing software systems or middleware to automate the procurement and sales processes while saving a great deal of time and money.

Features of EDI Gateways

Gather rich insights and ensure data accuracy with an exclusive set of features offered by A3logics™ EDI gateway claims.

Complete Suite of EDI

A3logics offers a wide range of EDI services to help businesses connect with partners and customers easily. We take care of EDI mapping, file format, and hosting issues and maintain backups and security so you can focus on your core business functions.

Business Process Management

Our team delivers flexible gateways to allow you to add powerful business processes and validations and drive efficiency. You can validate invoice pricing against the order, trigger orders to be sent to 3PL, or add rules to lookup and add data.

Configured Setup

We have been working in the EDI space for years now and understand that the longer a business has to wait for gateway claims, the longer it takes to witness efficiencies. Therefore, we provide configured gateways rather than coded that allow you to get and get going quickly.

Insightful Reports

Considering all factors carefully, we have designed gateways that have the ability to add standard and custom reports based on any data going through the EDI gateway. You can track data, including supplier fulfillment rates, response time, and deliveries in full on time (DIFOT).

Complete Security

For A3logics, security and data protection is the top-most priority. Hence, we offer a stringent security management system that protects and maintains the privacy of your sensitive data. For our clients from the finance and government sectors, we ensure the best security controls.

Cloud-based Gateways

Get our EDI cloud-based gateways for your business and leverage the benefits of optimum service levels for performance, security, and availability. Our exclusively designed solution connects to your existing system seamlessly without the need to change the infrastructure.

A3logics™ EDI Gateways Solutions


Planning and Execution

We strategize and create roadmaps to improve user engagement and alignment while ensuring population and value-based models. Our team also offers assistance for data analytics consulting to assess risks, improve care, and enhance efficiency.

System Lifecycle Implementation

Seek our system implementation services that include project management, application development, project planning, app design, testing, and support. We will be available 24*7 to assist you with upgrades, enhancements, and optimization.

Workflow Optimization

Get an EDI gateway to redesign your processes and workflows for better efficiency, reduced costs, and benefits realization. We analyze your existing systems and processes before implementation and improve workflows, enablement, and adoption.

System Optimization

Soon after implementation, we handle EHR systems that are overlooked or underutilized. We assess technology and application performance, identify opportunities, improve collaboration, ensure compliance, simplify access to content, and achieve button-line impact.

EDI Gateway Benefits

EDI gateway is the optimized solution to smoothly communicate EDI messages with partners and automate electronic transactions.

Real-time Insights

With claims gateway solutions, you get the opportunity to see all the received and sent messages easily. You can also check the status of a message and make edits.

Automate Orders

You can allow your customers to order and receive their orders automatically through EDI. All the incoming order messages will generate on order within no time.

Connect Logistic Services

A3logics also enables you to connect your logistics and supply chain business to EDI gateway administration without any disruption, so you can streamline the business process.

SSCC Labels

Generating labels and notes is no longer a difficult task for you with a claim gateway. We help you generate SSCC numbers on delivery notes through an automated system.

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Get full-service EDI gateway claims for improved business efficiency.