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EDI VAN Network solutions

Share data with your business counterparts through reliable EDI communications connectivity.

EDI VAN (Value Added Network) is a simple, reliable, and affordable way to connect with your trading partners through a secured network. It enables companies to exchange with numerous trading partners while saving the high costs of telecommunications. As the name suggests, VAN performs additional ‘value-added’ services which include message notification, document translation, audit reporting, re-transmission, operational support, and more. A3logoics’ EDI VAN solutions offer you a privately owned and operated network that interconnects with other prominent VAN service providers. With our EDI experts available to assist you at every step, you can establish communication connectivity with your partners via our extensive network. EDI VAN communications methods that we offer include FTP, SFTP, HTTP, POP/SMTP, AS1, AS2, AS3, FTP SSL and we operate as an EDI gateway that connects you and your partners directly.

From secured communication for sensitive EDI data to multiple communication protocols, we have covered it all in our one-stop destination for all EDI and VAN services. Rest assured that with our EDI VAN network solution, you can send and receive business documents securely using XML or traditional EDI methods. Avail our services and enjoy personalized solutions dedicated to your unique migration project. You will experience a swift and smooth exchange of information electronically with our EDI and VAN services. Also, we will monitor network connections continuously to ensure enhanced visibility of EDI data. Our wide range of EDI VAN services include Duplicate Control, Multiple Protocol Support, Project Management, Transaction Tracking, and Monitoring, Security, etc. Seek our EDI and VAN service to enjoy a never-ending list of benefits:

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  • Help companies create productive and meaningful workplaces.
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  • Support our clients’ business growth by offering solutions for an engaged & productive workforce.
  • Secure important client data with zero compromises.

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