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Enjoy automated and integrated EDI in retail services by A3logics and connect with your global retail partners smoothly.

Electronic Data Interchange is commonly used in the retail industry to streamline paper-based processes using electronic documents. The sector has incorporated this technology of data interchange to manage commercial documents and multiple business transactions, including orders, dispatch messages, and invoices. It also integrates partners, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders involved in the supply chain. Despite such great popularity of EDI retail transactions, there is still a lot of potential for EDI to transform the sector.

A3logics, a trusted and reliable EDI partner, offers EDI solutions for your retail and eCommerce business. With our comprehensive solutions, we will make it easier for you to ensure EDI compliance and also provide continuous production support. Needless to say that it will improve your business relationships with suppliers and partners while eliminating the daunting tasks of sending emails and faxes. The aim is to provide greater speed and accuracy along with complete control of the flow of goods. No matter what stage of the retail supply chain you are at, we have a perfect solution to simplify your business and meet your objectives.


Electronic Data Interchange Services by A3Logics

We offer end-to-end and real-time EDI retail industry solutions to meet specific and specialized business needs.


Integrated EDI

A3logics’ integrated EDI applications in business operate in service mode and implement the technology architecture in a private cloud. It synchronizes with all the resource applications that you need for uninterrupted exchange of EDI transactions.


e-Invoicing Compliance

Our unified EDI platform includes e-Invoicing and tax compliance capabilities so you can share reports and documents with government agencies and partners according to laws. It is a perfect solution for companies that are operating in various markets.


Data Management

Avail the benefits of our various types of EDI services and collaborate with suppliers effectively. It not only improves response time but also helps in data management and analysis, meeting delivery timelines, and attain real-time supply chain visibility via a single platform.


Managed EDI

With our managed EDI services, let our EDI specialists and experts take care of your daily management tasks and keep the communication system up to date. They will be your dedicated EDI operator handling all the settings and notifying you of all the updates.


Electronic Catalogue

We also offer an electronic catalogue to synchronize product data with suppliers and distributors hassle-free. This transparent and accurate solution focuses on specific and significant B2B functionalities and also simplifies the product range between companies and partners.


Vendor Management Inventory

Our professionals extend support to rollout VMI for regular and continuous customer-supplier partnership and adjust product provisioning according to real needs. The model is based on the distribution system and covers the entire chain.

Benefits of EDI Application in Business

Once you implement the EDI solution, its benefits will be widespread across the organization, from shipping to customer support and more.

Better Visibility

EDI in retail industry gives you better control and visibility of on-hand inventory. You can monitor shipments and trace them to inform the parties involved in the flow of goods.

Cost Reduction

With a reduction in errors, you can also experience a reduction in the overall costs. Moreover, EDI retail transactions cost way less than paper-based communication which will benefit businesses.


EDI automates the entire communication and the supply chain system with trading partners and creates a paperless environment, providing more time to the staff for vital projects.

Accurate Forecasts

As EDI solutions reduce costly mistakes and the documents that you process are correct, the data forecast is also accurate. All the inventory decisions are based on facts and reality.

Increased Sales

With EDI performing complicated tasks, the staff is redirected to more strategic efforts. This enhances the services offered to customers and boosts sales significantly.

Improved Inventory Predictability

EDI automation analyzes inventory needs more accurately which reduces stockouts, surpluses, and markdowns. You can also identify new opportunities better using EDI.

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