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Does your business engage in a large number of EDI projects while issuing various invoices to clients? Are you still stuck with conventional methods, such as fax, emails, and postal services to exchange EDI business documents? Then our tailored EDI B2C portal is a perfect solution for you. The traditional and outdated communication methods require manual labor and efforts to keep a double set of records for effective billing management. When you deal with diverse recipients with different technological capabilities and especially the ones not integrated with EDI, our B2C solutions can address all the connectivity issues efficiently. It automates the sending and receiving of e-invoices and allows easy access to electronic documents that are hardly possible in traditional modes. Also, the B2C service simplifies the issuance and delivery process of the documents so you can rely on it completely.

A3logics’ EDI B2C portal provides businesses with an optimized e-communication system that includes all the customers, irrespective of whether they are connected to the EDI platform or not. Our end-to-end solutions help you accomplish all your data exchange goals, enabling you to share and integrate all types of EDI documents, such as shipping notes, receipts., purchase order, dispatch advice, etc. Now, you don’t have to worry about technological resources used by your customers as our EDI B2C services have got your back at every step. We have designed a secure portal for a receiver to publish all the addressed documents while maintaining compliance with all the legal requirements. Once the billing system connects with the EDI software, data is transmitted, and technical & legal regulations are adapted in each case, including the online tax declaration process. As the client connects to the portal and receives the invoice, you will get notified instantly. With notices integrated with ERP, you can keep the updated record of all the actions of clients. Our B2C portal pays attention to every detail, so rest assured that it is worth the investment and your trust.


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