EDI 837

EDI 837 healthcare claim translation set for the submission
of claim billing information.

EDI 837- Healthcare Claim
Transaction Set

Make sure that you meet all HIPAA requirementswith the EDI 837 transaction set.

Healthcare institutions and organizations are required to submit documents, demanding a large amount of data input and transferring. When done manually, this process can take weeks and is prone to errors. Hence, the EDI 837 healthcare claim transaction set is used to electronically submit medical claims and related information, such as billing and encounter details. It ensures that healthcare service providers are compliant and the claim is structured to meet HIPAA requirements. It can be done directly or via intermediary billers and claim clearinghouses. EDI transaction 837 groups are categorized as: for professionals, for institutions, and dental practices.

With EDI integration, the 837 form is created with zero risks of data entry error and the process is seamless and time-efficient. A3logics offers complete healthcare EDI services with a dedicated time to provide a secure and flexible structure.


EDI Transaction 837

This EDI transaction is used to submit healthcare claim billing information, encounter information, or both.

Creating EDI 837

Healthcare medical claims can be done manually or through an in-house system. The first step is to submit EDI 837 and translate it into readable format. This is done by entering data into the EDI translator, then begins the conversion process into an EDI document.

healthcare-medical EDI -837
Sending EDI 837 EDI

Sending EDI 837

After EDI 837 is translated into an industry-standard format, next comes transmitting the EDI 837 transaction to its intended recipient. Sending medical claim information is a secure process and done in two ways- directly through a receiver or using a type of clearinghouse.

Integrating EDI 837

The most effective and popular way to build EDI 837 is using EDI integration. This allows you to pull the required data for the EDI 837 transaction dynamically from the in-house system and send it to the translator. It is a faster and risk-free method.

risk-free Integrating EDI 837

Benefits of EDI 837

Discover the benefits that you can enjoy with Healthcare claim transaction set 837.

  • Healthcare providers can connect with insurers easily
  • Smoother backend operations
  • Faster claim reimbursement
  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy for both insurers and providers

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