EDI 835

Complete solution to make payments and adjustments to healthcare
providers, billers, and insurers.


EDI 835- Healthcare Claim Payment & Remittance

Electronic remittance advice EDI 835 to automate the processes and allocate insurance payments for healthcare claims.

The EDI 835 or Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) 835 also known as Health Care Claim Payment and Remittance Advice is the electronic transaction that provides claim payment information. This translation set and format have been specified by HIPAA 5010 requirements for the electronic exchange of healthcare benefits and payment information. These EDI transaction 835 files are primarily used for healthcare insurance plans to make payments to healthcare providers and deliver Explanation of Benefits (EOB). it is used by facilities, practices, and billing companies to auto-post the claim payments into the systems. You can get your Electronic remittance advice 835 files through a clearinghouse or download them from an app.

Once a healthcare service provider submits the claim, the healthcare insurance plan uses the EDI 835 to get the details related to the payments of the claim. This includes:

  • Charges that were paid, denied, and adjusted
  • The presence of co-insurance, deductible, or co-pay.
  • Bundling or splitting of claims or line items
  • How the payment was made

Creating EDI 835

You can either enter data manually for the EDI 835 into a standard document or integrate the data with your in-house EDI system. When the data is entered correctly into the EDI translator, the conversion process will begin. It follows set regulations and guidelines established by ASC X12 and these rules meet all the EDI requirements of HIPAA.

EDI 835 Benefits

Discover the benefits that you can enjoy with electronic remittance advice solutions offered by A3logics

Time Efficient

Our solutions for EDI 835 automate the remittance allocation and complete the process faster while ensuring flawless data entry on time.

Better Accuracy

Eliminate manual data entry tasks and address the issues related to data entry errors to make your allocation more precise.

No Manual Adjustments

With Electronic remittance advice (ERA) 835, you can use intelli-adjustments to configure rules that auto-adjust claim balances.

Faster Insurance Payments

Now, reduce the time your staff spend on entering data manually and allow them to focus on core tasks to bring efficiency.

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Features of Electronic Remittance Advice EDI 835

Bring automation to the payment processing of insurance claims with the help of our EDI 835 experts

Faster Payments to Accounts

With EDI transaction 835, companies can make insurance payments automatically within no time and make necessary adjustments.

Process Remittance Payments

Use EDI 835 solution to receive and load insurance payments and send EOB electronically while allocating payment amounts.

Auto Adjustment of Balances

We help you make auto adjustments of claim balances to accounts by setting rules that align reason and adjustment codes.

Quick Processing of Reports

Get detailed reports of all claims with anomalies to review and update the information, such as underpayments, rejections, and overpayments.