EDI 834 Companion Guide: Conjunction of HIPAA Mandated & Benefits Enrollment & Maintenance


Any EDI transaction must follow set standards and regulations such as HIPAA or COBRA compliances. This ebook/whitepaper shares the EDI 834 - Benefits enrollment and maintenance standard companion guide. Moreover, this guide will walk you through the implementation of EDI 834 based on ASC X12 version 005010.

The guide is explained by integrating a TPA that assists multiple organizations and electronic trading partners. Here, TPA is the reliable person for explaining the implementation of EDI transactions and code sets about any legal conditions surrounding them. The TPA checks for any inconsistency with the terms of the companion guide.

After downloading this guide, you will take away -

  • The assumptions, conventions, determinations, or data specifications related to all employer groups, vendors, and submitters of EDI 834 transactions.
  • Reviewing documents carefully to adhere to HIPAA compliances.
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