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EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender

An electronic document used to replace,
update, or cancel shipment along with creating new shipment.


EDI 204 Document

An EDI document used by shippers. It follows the X12 format set by ANSI.

The EDI X12 204-Motor carrier Load Tender is an electronic document that communicates an offer for shipment to a full load carrier. It is shared by a retailer, manufacturer, or a distribution center to the carrier. The EDI 204 document can also be sent by a company interested in delivery service. The transaction is used to create new shipment, update, replace, or cancel a shipment. It includes all the relevant and significant information about shipment requirements and costs which is important for the carrier to make informed decisions.

An EDI 204 also provides details regarding pickup and delivery and includes following information:

  • Carrier informationv
  • Shipping instructions
  • Scheduling information
  • Equipment requirements
  • Description of goods, such as weight and size
  • Contact details and location of the recipient

EDI 204 Document Workflow

EDI 820 is a statement of intent to pay which is sent

  • First, the EDI 204 document is sent to the carrier or transport provider by shipper.
  • The carrier responds by sending an EDI 990- Load Tender Acknowledgement, conveying acceptance or rejection of the shipment order.
  • For acceptance, the carrier sends EDI 214- Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message to the trading partner which provides delivery-related information.
  • Once the delivery is completed, the carrier submits an EDI 210 transaction set to the shipper.
  • After the shipper received EDI 210 document, an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement is then sent to the carrier to communicate that the EDI 210- Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice has been received.

EDI ANSI X12 204 Key Benefits

EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender offers several benefits and elements to users

Streamlined Shipment

With Motor Carrier Load, one can determine if they want to accept the load. There is sufficient information about requirements and costs which further makes the shipment process faster and streamlined.

Reduced Errors

EDI documents are encrypted which enhances security and protection to crucial details related to payments, shipments, and partners. With automation, EDI 204 eliminates errors, delays, and chargebacks.

Shipping Details

By providing significant shipping details, EDI 204 documents help shippers plan shipment and improve communication with partners. Hence, assisting the carrier to plan pickups, deliveries, and other requirements.

Accurate Data

It also provides accurate, timely, and correct data when needed in the Motor Freight Details and Invoice and the Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message. Also, it has all the specifications of the goods.

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