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The EDI rules and standards set for making documents exchanged for business

Direct EDI or point-to-point EDI network was initially established as an alternative to VAN. The approach offers more control to business partners by establishing a single secure direct connection line between them. The method is significant in retail space and is primarily used for high volume transactions. Although Direct EDI is a complicated process as different partners use different protocols, A3logics makes it hassle-free and smooth for you being the leading EDI service provider. We understand that handling high volumes of transactions in large companies is a difficult task. Hence, we design software based on your business requirements. Rest assured that our tailored platform will meet your communication protocol guidelines and can trade efficiently. We will implement the method that supports each EDI protocol or language used by different partners.

Our experienced EDI experts will take care of all the security measures and deliver you a flawless platform that is safe and serves your business purposes. The team of A3logics will develop direct EDI solutions to accomplish all your tasks from small to highly robust cases that involve complex EDI mapping or file transfer. We also provide you with the complete ownership of the EDI system. You will be empowered to make the required changes and if you get stuck with any technical glitch, our proficients will be happy to offer you assistance. The major benefit of direct EDI solutions is that it is compatible with all the major standards used for document sharing. Moreover, it will also integrate with your backend systems, such as CRM, ERP, and accounting tools. This will automate the data movement between the EDI system and other applications, thereby eliminating any manual data entry task. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and we will serve you with all our might.

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