Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Let our team of experts handle reconciling invoices, employee inquiries and complex benefit administration demands saving your valuable time.

Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Our benefits administration outsourcing services are made from the ground up covering it all to meet both simple and complex demands.

Benefits administration is an overwhelming and complex service handled by the HR and administrative team. Benefits, being an imperative aspect for company and culture, must be handled by a trusted professional who keeps standard employee benefit and healthcare regulation abreast to deter faults and inaccuracies.

A3logics is your exclusive trusted partner to make the most from benefits administration outsourcing services by offering electronic enrollment forms, vital provider contact information, summaries & collaterals for benefit offerings, and links to provider tools and websites.


The outsourcing benefits administration services from A3logics

Allow more efficiency for your business while experts are taking care of your benefits administration demands.

Eligibility Tracking

A3logics benefits administration ensures new hires' enrollment with agility and accuracy through keeping a record for eligibility. Our solution integrates with your existing payroll for a complete view of distributed summary plans, employer information, employee election, and ongoing changes.


We tie our expertise with benefit outsourcing services to deliver real advantage to both employer and employees. A3logics offers a unified solution that streamlines benefit enrollment and a 24x7x365 continuous access to all aspects of benefit administration.


Our outsourcing benefit services manage the termination of an employee. Eliminate compliance issues, systematize documents, notify carriers, adjust bills while harmonizing the environment are a few advantages of our services.

of Billing

A3logics integrated benefits solutions encompasses auditing of premium billing statements. Our full eligibility audit solution on regular intervals ensures that the company avoids ineligible employees from the list of coverage.


Our outsourcing turnkey employee benefits package standardizes human resource functions involving managing employee hiring and termination, coordinating for safety measures, and developing employee cost-sharing strategies while complying with federal standards.

Advantages of outsourcing benefits administration services

Spend Less Time on Managing and More on Strategic Workflow with Benefits Administration Outsourcing Services

Efficiency improvement

By integrating leading technology capabilities and expertise, we encourage businesses to rethink and transform their legacy businesses so that their business can deliver a real & effective difference.

Cost effective

Customization aid to meet business objectives thereby improving ROI while spending only for what is effective & functional. A3logics is your ultimate business & technology associate to render requirement-specific cost-effective solutions.

Professional expertise

Our prowess and expert team can uncover insights of business to regulate changing environments and plan benefits that comply with federal standards as well as business objectives.

Liability protection

We assist in crafting a cognitive enterprise that is free from disruptions affecting time and cost. Our compliance experts ensure that you get the requisite protection from unnecessary risks to your liability.

Time efficient

Our outsourcing benefit services are integrated with expert guidance and support to make smarter decisions, simplify and accelerate the journey to success while effectively managing time.


Excellent features of outsourcing benefits administration services to A3logics

  • Set up systems perfectly

    Integrate our relevant healthcare and benefits administration systems to make tracking & reporting compliant and legally sound.

  • Updates done in hours

    Quit manual & time taking processes when you have a nimble, & agile benefits administration service provider.

  • Cost saving for other tasks

    Associating with a resourceful partner gives you predictable & on-site benefits without the need for an extra hand.

  • Empower employees

    Elevate the level of accessibility & convenience while building confidence and trust among employees.

Why choose us for benefits administration outsourcing

Our EDI integration solutions are flexible to match with different scenarios and ways

Online Enrollment Portal & Mobile App

We inculcate mobile-first philosophy to streamline management & create a better customer experience anytime, anywhere.

Carrier Integration

Our customer-centric and swift carrier system can integrate with any third-party system for seamless, secure data transfer while giving you personalized experience.


We leverage our customers to control the cost & complexity of the implementation of a comprehensive benefits program crafted from our modern platform.

Hr Support Dashboard

Reduce operational cost by aligning administrative tasks, unveil progress, & manage employee benefit with our interactive HR-specific dashboard.

Payroll Integration

Our benefits solution seamlessly complies and communicates with payroll to disburse salaries or administer deductions in just a few clicks.

Integrated Decision Support

We integrate fresh technologies & libraries that support the decision you want to execute relevant to your benefits plan.

Employee Communications

Our digitally channelized benefits solutions leverage your employees to communicate critical information through any mode.

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