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EDI for Automotive Industry

Smart and efficient EDI solution to help you connect with your global automotive partners.


Automotive Industry and EDI

Transparent EDI integration for automotive manufacturers and suppliers

Undoubtedly, the automotive industry has more experience in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) than any other sector. With the rise of Just-in-Time (JIT) models, companies need a comprehensive and secure system that allows faster integration of all the partners involved in the supply chain. A3logics’ EDI for auto industry not only enables you to send and receive messages with global automotive partners but also helps you become EDI compliant. Our cloud-based EDI automotive solution includes translation, communication, scanning, scheduling, barcode label printing, forecasting, etc., to serve the specific requirements of every trading partner. We also offer testing solutions and production support while simplifying your business processes.

Features of Our EDI Automotive Solutions

A3logics’ automotive EDI offers complete solutions for the automotive supply chain.

Fully Compliant

It complies with all accounting and invoicing requirements in accordance with the guidelines. The EDI for the automotive industry supports all transaction sets, such as X12, EDIFACT, and communication protocols, such as AS2, AS3, HTTP/HTTPs, FTP/FTPs, etc.


Our automotive solution also offers automation and delivers the inbound and outbound interface to your ERP system. This ensures enhanced efficiency and accuracy in EDI management. You can also eliminate risks related to shipping penalties and fines along with other costly expedited orders.


It accurately prints barcode labels for containers, pallets, racks, skids, and also for parts on the shop floor. With an automated system, you can be assured of correct calculations and communications regarding schedule tracking, retro-invoicing, blanket POs, and final processing.

Shipping Module

It allows viewing, adding, and modifying firm orders and fills all the shipment information automatically. It assigns orders to shipment based on ship-to location, date, and time. Also, it tracks and displays shipment status and highlights all the late shipments without any mistakes.

Labeling Options

Our EDI automotive solution offers labeling options. You can label parts directly off the manufacturing lines and it scans the batch with barcodes for accurate ASN. The system also labels based on the requirements of an individual trading partner along with loading serial numbers onto stages ASNs.


A3logics’ EDI for auto industry adheres to all the guidelines of Materials Management Operations and Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) supply chain. Moreover, it supports cumulative quantities (CUMs) along with other scheduling requirements for OEM-specific order processing rules.

EDI Benefits Offered By A3logics

We are familiar with all the challenges and requirements of the automotive industry. Our comprehensive EDI solutions take care of all the factors.

Simplified EDI

Do you think that the EDI system can be complicated for you? If you think that your in-house team cannot manage the EDI processes, then leave all your worries to us. Our EDI experts will make it hassle-free, easier, and simpler.

Reliable Support

A3logics offers a reliable server to establish interactive data transmission processes that can take place in a push and pull mode. Also, in case of any difficulty or technical issue, feel free to connect with our dedicated team anytime.

Swift Onboarding

We have designed an exclusive partner management service to support manufacturers and help them in establishing fast and seamless connections with suppliers. You can seek solutions to handle technical and administrative issues.

Highest Security

We take care of all the security concerns by including advanced features required for secured data interchange through the internet. It has password policies for administrative functions and also offers role-based security and access.


Paper-based transfer of data and files to trading partners is time-consuming which also adds to the overall costs. Our automotive EDI solutions ensure faster transfer time via the internet which reduces costs and time significantly.

CAD and EDI Exchanges

Not all EDI software are compatible with every EDI document. However, the EDI system offered by A3logics enables you to exchange structured EDI documents and transactions, including CAD, CAE, CAM, securely.

One-Stop Destination for Varied Solutions

A3logics serves as a single and most reliable platform offering global solutions to meet the varying and dynamic requirements of our clients.

VDA Messages

VDA messages are EDI messages that are used in the automotive industry which fulfills all the specifications of companies in this sector. The new global VDA versions that follow the EDIFACT format have replaced the older VDA message versions and our EDI solutions can easily adapt to these schemas.

VAT Compliance and E-Invoicing

We have designed end-to-end EDI services to meet the needs of multinationals. It is called a B2B2G electronic communication platform that simplifies the transaction process. A3logics assures you to align with the regulations and laws of different countries for tax administration.


Our developers also offer an integrated platform in service mode, also known as Integration Platform as a Service, for the projects that need interconnection between operating solutions, be it on cloud or in-house. iPaas allows all the company’s applications to interconnect via powerful tools in the cloud.

Testing & Partner certification

A3logics’ testing portal streamlines incorporation of EDI flows and new messages without any hassle. Partners have all the information required to run tests. Whether they want to incorporate a new VDA message or include a new partner, they can conduct tests and monitor the portal.

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