EDI and AS2 Solutions

The Most Popular, Secured, and Reliable B2B Communication Method.

AS2 Utilization for EDI Data

Establish Connection via the Internet in a seamless and point-to-point manner.

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is undoubtedly the most popular and reliable B2B communication method over the internet. The platform enables organizations to trade over AS2 protocol using a simple and intuitive interface while eliminating the complexities at the end-user. The communication involves two computers, i.e., client and server, EDI AS2 connects them in a point-to-point manner through the web. AS2 was developed after AS1 in the 1990s as a solution to control how EDI uses Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and SMIME. It creates an envelope for the data to ensure complete security during data exchange by using encryption. A3logics offers EDI AS2 solutions to enhance data security via the latest SSL/TLS channeling technologies as a supplementary security standard. AS2 facilitates critical business processes apart from EDI exchanges, such as plain text documents, XML, CSV, over the internet using digital signature validation, and guaranteed integrity through MIC (Message Integrity Check) hashing.

We understand how important data is for any business and to keep it running smoothly, you need to move it from one point to another. Hence, our proficient team of EDI experts handles the most significant business exchanges and connects you with your suppliers, customers, and partners via the AS2 platform. It follows basic requirements to be followed, such as both trading partners must be online during the transaction and it uses the network with the TCP/IP protocol. It also verifies identities so that the involved partners could confirm that they are communicating with the right party. Apart from this, there are several other benefits that you can avail with our EDI and AS2 solutions, such as:

Automotive Industry
  • Flexibility for large file transfers
  • Security with SSL encryption and hashing
  • Complete AS2 testing for you and your partners
  • No need for in-house EDI infrastructure
  • Legally proved transaction details
  • Compliance with AS2 mandates without the expense of the AS2 software, hardware, firewalls.
  • Transfer of any data type including non-EDI payloads
  • 24/7 connectivity for AS2 communication
  • Added benefits from our shared infrastructure, skills, and security
  • Exchange documents in real-time
  • We handle the exchange of AS2 set-up information
  • Innovative security measures for secured EDI exchange through AS2

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