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An American EDI standard used by thousands of renowned companies worldwide.

EDI ANSI X12 Usage

Offering the flexibility to directly work with ANSI X12 EDI standard when needed

The American National Standards Institute developed the EDI messaging standard X12 to govern the effectiveness of EDI to interchange information electronically between businesses. It consists of a set of guidelines to exchange business documents in varied industries and is also the de-facto EDI standard in the USA. Any EDI transaction in the United States must adhere to ANSI X12 EDI standards for EDI compliance.

ANSI X12 has counterparts that are used in different countries, including UN/EDIFACT, equivalent to ANSI X12 as both EDI documents consist of multiple segments and each segment includes a sequence of elements. Although X12 EDI was initially developed for the businesses in North America, it is now used by almost 300,000 companies worldwide. You can find several EDI ANSI X12 compliant software but only a few stand up to your expectations. If you are looking for a reliable and authentic solution to ensure X12 compliance, then A3logics is your trusted partner.


X12 Structural Elements

ANSI X12 displays a specific structure for a smooth and hassle-free business exchange across varied industries and countries.

I-EDI (Interactive exchange protocol)

This protocol enables companies and businesses to interchange data, documents, or messages directly. This dynamic EDI exchange enhances communications between the two business partners with the minimum response time. Thereby, offering a perfect solution for delayed replies and inefficient connections.

Data Structuring Syntax Rules

These rules take are of the message structure and also ensures overall uniformity irrespective of industry, company, or document. It further makes data transactions successful and effective with clearly defined messages delivered to receivers without concerning the software they use. It also reduces unnecessary content to optimize the transfer.

Standard Messages

This standard element optimizes the business communication or data flow that are exchanged between different countries or industries. As companies have many transactions sets map between X12 EDI and UN/EDIFACT (used internationally), the standard messaging ensures communication without any obstacle between the two EDI standards.

Popular ANSI X12 Transactions

Several industries are supported by ANSI X12 transactions to help clients in all business facets

EDI Codes Transaction Name
820 Payroll Deducted/ Remittance Advice (EFT)
834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
810 Invoice
850 Purchase Order
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
276 Claim Status Inquiry
277 Claim Status Response
856 Ship Notice/Manifest (ASN)
857 Shipment and Billing
882 Direct Store Delivery Summary Information
997 Functional Acknowledgement
990 Load Tender Response
997 Functional Acknowledgement
852 Product Activity Data

EDI Solutions to Meet Varied Demands

Enjoy extensive presence in several businesses and sectors with our EDI solutions

5 functional transaction subsets are

  • Streamline benefits selection and open enrollment
  • Decrease the risk of compliance issues
  • Improve Collaboration throughout the Company
web EDI
integrated EDI

Each industry has a specific subset in the X12 standard. Industry-Specific X12 Subsets include:

  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • UCS - Uniform Communication Standard
  • VICS - Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards
  • AIAG - Automotive Industry Action Group
  • CIDX - Chemical Industry Data Exchange
  • EIDX - Electronics Industry Data Exchange Group (CompTIA)
  • PIDX - American Petroleum Institute

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